Sport Injury Treatments in Leawood

Acute Injury Treatment at Leawood Family Care

Leawood Family Care is here for your injury needs. Our experts can diagnose and recommend sport injury treatments in Leawood. For non-life-threatening injuries, we have the capability to help you get the healing started.


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From sports injury treatments to care for slipping and falling to minor cuts and bruises, we can take care of you at Leawood Family Care. 

Our Acute Injuries overview


  • Affects

    • Men
    • Women
    • Children
  • Types of Condition

    • Sports injuries: we see many young athletes and also weekend warrior athletes with many acute injuries.
    • Accidents at home: Slips and sprains, overuse syndromes from yard work, painting, and lifting are common things that we treat.
    • Minor lacerations not involving the face or excessive bleeding can be evaluated for treatment.

Our Team

Take a look at the staff you are likely to interact with for sports injury treatment in Leawood.

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Sport Injury Treatments in Leawood

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When acute injuries require more than rest, ice, and elevation, they need evaluation. Prompt treatment speeds your recovery. Call Leawood Family Care to treat your sports injuries in Leawood and other acute injuries today.