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Laser hair removal works by selectively treating hair follicles without causing thermal damage to the surrounding tissue. Melanin, which is the target, absorbs laser light. The light converts to heat and the heat damages the hair bulb, disabling the hair structure. The heat loosens the hair and disables the cells responsible for new hair growth. Since pigment in the hair is necessary for this procedure to be effective, we cannot treat patients with white, grey, red, or light blonde hair.


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At Leawood Family Care, keeping you healthy is our primary focus. Our laser hair removal treatments follow national guidelines for screening and preventive services.

Laser hair removal in Overland Park at Leawood Family Care helps men and women reduce and eliminate hair anywhere it’s unwanted on the body, including their underarms, chest, back, bikini area, legs, and face.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments at a Glance

  • Treatment Type


  • Procedure Length

    15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the areas treated

  • Conditions It Treats

    Unwanted hair

  • Recovery Time

    This is immediate. You may experience some itching or temporary redness following the procedure. You must wear sunscreen at all times while having laser hair removal.

How it Works

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal with the Harmony XL Pro

Hair has three growing cycles: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Laser hair removal is most effective in the anagen phase (the active growth phase) because at that time, the hair contains an abundance of melanin as the cells rapidly divide.

It is impossible to treat all the hair follicles in an area in one session.

To be effective, a series of six treatments is necessary. To target the active growth cycles, we schedule treatments at our Overland Park office four to six weeks apart.

During this time, it is important to shave or clip new hair growth between laser treatments.

No waxing, plucking, or hair removal creams should be used since the hair shaft must be intact for the light energy to be transmitted to the hair bulb.

Our Provider

Dr. Mary Ann Campbell and Kim Staley, CMA, perform laser hair removal.

Kim Staley performs this treatment under the direction of Dr. Campbell.

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Laser hair removal in Overland Park

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Almost all areas such as the face, back, chest, bikini area, shoulders, legs, and arms can be treated effectively, quickly, and safely with laser hair removal in Overland Park at Leawood Family Care. Contact us today at Harmony Aesthetics MD to schedule your laser hair consultation and experience the freedom of no more waxing or shaving!