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Diabetes Treatment at Leawood Family Care

Diabetes is a condition that causes the glucose levels in your bloodstream to be elevated above normal. There are two main types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes (sometimes called juvenile diabetes) is more commonly diagnosed at a young age (less than 30 years old). Type 2 diabetes is more commonly diagnosed in older individuals (above age 30). Both types of diabetes cause elevated blood sugar, which may cause excessive thirst, excessive urination, and weight loss. However, the diabetes treatment in Leawood differs based on the type.


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At Leawood Family Care, keeping you healthy is our primary focus. Our diabetes treatments follow national guidelines for screening and preventive services.

We believe in providing the South KC community with access to affordable diabetes treatment in Leawood, so you can continue living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our Diabetes overview


  • Symptoms

    • Frequent urination
    • Excessive thirst
    • Unexpected weight loss
    • Blurred vision
    • Fatigue
  • Common Ages

    • Type 1 diabetes mellitus more commonly starts in those less than age 30.
    • Type 2 diabetes more commonly develops in people over the age of 30.
  • Affects

    • Men
    • Women
    • Children
  • Treatment and Care

    Treatment of Type 1 diabetes requires insulin and a healthy diet. Treatment of Type 2 diabetes includes a healthy diet and maintaining an appropriate weight, but may also include a variety of medications.

Types of Conditions

Type 1 Diabetes
This type of diabetes develops as a result of failure of the pancreas to produce insulin. Insulin is required to manage Type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes
This type of diabetes develops due to your body developing resistance to insulin that is produced in the pancreas. It is best treated with lifestyle changes or medications that reduce insulin resistance and reduce blood sugar.

Our Team

Type 2 diabetes treatment in Leawood is managed by your primary care provider much of the time, but may also be managed by an endocrinologist.

Type 1 diabetes is typically managed by an endocrinologist.

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Diabetes Prevention

  • Weight Management

    Weight management is one of the most effective methods for preventing Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Factor

    A healthy, well-rounded diet is important for preventing Type 2 Diabetes.

Diabetes Treatment in Leawood

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