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Orthopedic conditions can arise from a sudden injury like a sprain or strain, or could be a lingering condition that comes and goes. Is it a painful joint? Do you have numbness or tingling that is related to movement or perhaps a joint issue that gets worse with the weather? What about difficulty bearing weight or moving? Your discussion with your doctor at Leawood Family Care, a careful exam, and perhaps x-rays will show the cause of your pain so you can get the right back pain relief in Overland Park.


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At Leawood Family Care, keeping you healthy is our primary focus. Our methods for back pain relief follow national guidelines for screening and preventive services.

We believe in providing the South KC community with access to affordable orthopedic care, so you can continue living a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Low back pain is one of the most common orthopedic conditions.

Often related to posture, ergonomics, or arthritis. It takes a careful exam and sometimes diagnostic tests to determine the cause and appropriate treatment for back pain relief in Overland Park.  Treatments range from medications, physical therapy, epidural injections, to even surgical referral. If you are having back pain that is associated with weakness, shooting pains, or numbness, get an evaluation right away.

Overuse syndromes are often seen with repetitive motion, especially in athletes.

Generally, the pain is present in proportion to the workout. Often, these conditions are not surgical and respond to medications, decreased activity, and changes in the activity to preclude reinjury.

Condition: Low back pain

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Back pain relief in Overland Park

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Because we are an independent practice that is not owned by a hospital, we can do referrals as needed to doctors in all hospital systems. When pain or functional impairment is present, we can see you and start the diagnosis and healing process right away. Call our office to find back pain relief in Leawood today.